Why is a Solar IIPM better than a Plastic Reflector RRPM.

Energy Efficiency:  A solar LED is powered by solar energy, making it more energy-efficient than a plastic road reflective marker.  The latter requires an external light source to reflect light, whereas the former uses solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

Visibility: Solar LED provide better visibility at night than plastic road reflective markers.  They emit a brighter and more uniform light that is easier to see from a distance, improving driver safety.

Durability: Solar LED are more durable than plastic.  They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, heavy rain and snow.  On the other hand plastic road reflective markers can crack and break when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Low Maintenance: Solar LED require minimal maintenance compared to plastic.  Once installed, they can operator for years without needing any maintenance, while plastic require periodic replacement.

Environmental: LESS plastic on our roads, or side of the road once disgarded.

Iternz DUAL- NZTA Approves Blue Flashing Frost markers winter 2024-2026

DUAL is a solar-powered, internally illuminated road stud with two key functions, making it highly versatile.  Known as IIPMs, this innovative road stud provides visibility much earlier than retro-reflective cat's-eyes (RRPMs) since it can be seen well before car headlights would reflect light back to a driver from a reflective road stud.

One of DUAL's key functions is its ability to detect ice or potential heavy frost conditions and automatically activate a blue flashing light, alerting drivers to slow down and be prepared for danger.  Ice can be incredibly dangerous on roads, and DUAL can provide a potentially life-saving warning to drivers.

We recommend using the DUAL illuminated marker in place of RRPMs on sections of the roadway that are prone to ice or that require frequent gritting.   For tight corners or winding roads, we suggest spacing Dual markers ahead of the bend and closer together to help drivers respond quickly to any danger.

Iternz MONO Std Internally Illuminated Pavement Markers - "Type Acceptance" Waka Kotahi Approved May 2023

Over-time, white lines on roads can fade and become covered in grime, making them difficult to discern in tricky conditions.   To address this challenge, Iternz has developed high-quality, solar-powered, recessed, internally illuminated road marker.  These markers can be retrofitted into a road network and provide drivers with improved visibility, allowing them to quickly understand an unfamiliar road layout and make better and safer decisions.

Iternz Mono IIPMs has been Approved by Waka Kotahi for use on NZ Roads.


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